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Tower Hamlets – Coach Tours 

Tower Hamlets, around six miles from Charing Cross, covers much of London East End and also the Docklands region, including Canary Wharf. Notable landmarks such as Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Canary Wharf complex, and many tall skyscrapers fall within this borough. The area is an economic hub of London, hosting the global headquarters of several conglomerates, banks, and professional services. 
The borough has several historical landmarks, including the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Victoria Park, Brick Lane, and Hawksmoor’s Christ Church at Spitalfields. There are several open spaces as well, with over a hundred parks, including the sprawling Victoria Park, and the large Mile End Park. 
The Ragged School Museum, Museum of London Docklands, the Museum of Childhood, Whitechapel Art Gallery, and the Women’s Library at Aldgate are the top museums in the area. The Ragged School of museum is especially interesting, showcasing the life of the miserable and the wretched, who were plenty in East End. The Museum of London docklands offers a good exposure to the maritime history of the city. 
The Trinity Buoy Wharf is London’s only lighthouse, and noted for its millennium-long artwork. Wilton’s Music Hall is the world’s oldest surviving purpose-built music hall. The Mile End Stadium is the top sporting venue in the region, and also incorporates a leisure centre, with a swimming pool.  
A walk along the Wapping foreshore at low tide, beachcombing, is an interesting activity. Another interesting walk is the “High Street 23012,” the route of the 2012 London Olympics marathon finale. The route start at Aldgate and passes through several landmarks, such as Whitechapel Bell Foundry, old Royal London hospital, the Booth memorial, the old Wickham’s department store, Mile End’s Living Bridge and more, leading to Tower Hamlets Cemetery. 
Tower Hamlets, being an integral part of inner London, is within easy reach of all the top London attractions, be it Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Wembley Stadium, Windsor castle and racecourse, St. Pauls’s Cathedral, British Museum, Hampton Court, London Zoo. Piccadilly Circus, Camden Market, and much more. 
It takes a coach tour to do justice to the several attractions and activities in the region and the city. Avail our Tower hamlets minibus hire services offers you several distinct advantages, unavailable with other providers. 
With our minibus hire in Tower hamlets, you get access to the latest vehicles, such as For Transit, Mercedes 16 seater minibus, Volvos, and Ivecos, each a class of its own, and perfectly suited for coach tours. These vehicles come with several comfort and safety features, such as air conditioning, music system, DVD, ample leg space between seats, and several other features. In case you require a facility which is not already available by default, you can always contact our customer support team, available round the clock. Be it provisioning of cooler kit for refreshments, playing your choice of DVD movie, provisioning for some entertainment on board, or anything else, our customer support team is always there for you, ready to serve you to satisfaction. 
All our minibus hire services comes with the services of skilled, efficient, resourceful, and intelligent drivers, who are familiar with the region, and all its roads. Our drivers are very experienced with the vehicle they handle, and are resourceful enough to take the required diversions and alternative routes, to escape the traffic gridlock.  
Our drivers can also double up as resource persons and guide, something very valuable in a place like Tower Hamlets, where there are stories behind most attractions and landmarks. For instance, Tower Hamlets has been the scenes for some of the most ghoulish crimes in history, including Ratcliffe Highway murders, Jack the Ripper killings, the Siege of Sidney Street, and more. A tour to visit the site of these crimes is an exciting activity in itself. However, unless you know the sites and the routes to get there, you cannot partake in the activity. Our drivers are usually in a position to help you in this regard. 
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